Adipex and changes in libido

Adipex anti-obesity drug underwent successful clinical trials and got the U.S. FDA approval in 1980. This drug was approved only after it has demonstrated that its benefit outweighed the possible risks of side effects.

Just as other drugs containing Phentermine active substance, Adipex may cause endocrine side effects like impotence and poor libido. Sexual dysfunction is manifested in loss of interest to sex, delayed orgasm, inability to achieve or maintain erection.

While using Adipex, decreased libido is often seen in men who have had problems with erection before the obesity treatment.

  • The reason is not only the excess weight, but also mental disorders, smoking and drinking alcohol.

If men start using Adipex weight loss pills, they will not necessarily have sexual problems. In case it happened, there are many ways to reduce or prevent such problems.

Men should always keep in mind that:

  • Anti-obesity treatment provides benefits, for instance, it improves erectile function.
  • Most often, libido is reduced for a while at the beginning of anti-obesity treatment.
  • Most Adipex side effects are mild and disappear in several days on their own.
  • The use of special medications improves sexual abilities of men.

There are many effective drugs, helping to improve the erectile function. You can buy the most popular ED drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra at pharmacies in most countries of the world.


These kinds of drugs improve the potency, yet can reduce the blood pressure. Adipex (Phentermine) enhances the blood pressure and therefore before combining these drugs, men should consult a pharmacist.

By following some simple recommendations, men can improve their sexual function without using any medications.

  1. Avoid stresses
  2. Sleep at least 7-8.5 hours a day
  3. Eat healthy food regularly
  4. Move more, walk in the fresh air
  5. Reduce or quit smoking and drinking alcohol

Adipex weight loss pills are approved for a short-term anti-obesity treatment. The maximum recommended time of use is 3 months. People, who use Adipex and sometimes feel their libido decreases, can wait until it improves again.

If 2-3 months are too much, it is recommended to reduce the dosage. The maximum recommended Adipex dose is one tablet a day (37.5mg). You can take half a tablet of Adipex a day, if you need.

If you have already had problems with libido, it is better to buy a small pack with Adipex. You can find both Adipex tablets and capsules at pharmacies. Do not chew or crush the capsules. Because tablets have a breaking notch, you can break them into halves.