Difference between Duromine 15 mg and 30 mg

There is no big difference between Duromine 15 mg and 30 mg. Duromine 15mg and 30mg capsules have identical shapes. These capsules are produced by the same pharmaceutical company, Inova.

For the patients’ convenience, Inova Company produces various dosages of Duromine capsules, using different dyes. A Half Duromine 15 mg capsule is gray; the other half is green. Duromine 30 mg capsule is gray and reddish-brown.

Regardless of Duromine dosage, each capsule contains Phentermine active ingredient and several inactive ingredients. Unlike other Phentermine-containing drugs (eg, Adipex or Suprenza), Duromine contains Phentermine, as resins. This allows Duromine capsule to be dissolving in stomach for a long time and to increase exposure time of Phentermine on patient’s organism.

The main difference between capsules doesn’t lie in their appearance, but in patients, to which they are indicated. Duromine 15mg is the minimum dosage per day, which may be prescribed to a patient with obesity. Minimum Duromine dosage of 15 mg has its positive and negative aspects for different categories of patients with obesity.

Duromine 15 mg doesn’t have such a strong effect on the central nervous system (CNS). Therefore, Duromine 15 mg may be given to patients, who have sleep disorders, emotional instability and other minor CNS disorders.

Obese patients should be aware, that Duromine 15 mg should not be taken in severe depressive disorders and chronic mental illness.

Besides the anorexigenic action, Phentermine can significantly affect heart and circulatory system. Therefore, Duromine dosage of 15 mg can be prescribed to patients with mild hypertension.

Given that the majority of obese patients have problems of varying severity, associated with cardiovascular system, the question of choosing Duromine dosage is the main, when it is being prescribed.

Most often, Duromine dosage of 15 mg is indicated to adolescents, who have reached the age of 12, or elderly. Usually, teenagers do not want to use large Duromine dosages.

Often, young people have a higher level of physical activity and metabolic rate, than adults, so they only need a slight push to successfully start reducing weight and get rid of obesity.

Duromine 30 mg contains twice as much of Phentermine active ingredient, as a 15 mg capsule. It is believed, that the higher is the dose, the greater is the drug’s effect. Therefore, it can be concluded that Duromine 30 mg can reduce appetite and weight more effectively.

Duromine 30 mg may be recommended to patients with obesity, who have no cardiovascular diseases or mental disabilities. It should be remembered that Duromine 30 mg increases the risk of side effects.

Most common side effects of Duromine 30 mg are dry mouth, difficulty in falling asleep or maintaining sleep, abnormal accumulation of fluid in lower extremities’ tissues, frequent or uncontrolled defecation.

Usually, Duromine side effects are not heavy, and disappear on their own in a certain period of time. If side effects persist or are severe when you use Duromine 30 mg, you should either reduce the dose to 15 mg, or stop using this drug.