Phentermine review

Phentermine is a weight loss drug, which can be used as alternative means to surgical treatment of obesity. The FDA approved Phentermine for obesity treatment in 1959. Phentermine drug must be used in combination with hypocaloric diet and regular exercise stress just as any other sympathomimetic amine.

There are countries, where Phentermine has never been available or has been withdrawn from the market.

In the USA, Australia, NZ and some others, Phentermine is available at pharmacies, being sold under such brand names as: Duromine, Metermine, Fastin, Adipex P, Ionamin, Panbesy, Redusa, Anoxine-AM, Weltmine, Phentromin, Obephen, Mirapront, Phentrol, Teramine, Obermine, Pro-Fast SA, Zantryl, Obestin-30, Sinpet, Supremin, Obenix, Phenterex, Oby-Trim, Umine.

Mechanism of action of Phentermine

  • Drug Phentermine acts on certain areas of the brain that are responsible for regulation of appetite.

By stimulating the release of dopamine and norepinephrine in hypothalamus, Phentermine suppresses hunger and helps to stop eating large amount of food.

Because people consume fewer calories during the therapy with Phentermine, their bodies start burning fats in order to get the energy. As a result, both the amount of fat tissue and the body mass are reduced.

Weight loss is a complicated process, which requires a complex approach. Using diet pills Phentermine along with hypocaloric diet and moderate physical activity helps to reduce the body weight much faster.


Indications for the use of Phentermine

Drug Phentermine is administered for a short-term therapy of obesity, which lasts 12 weeks. Phentermine pills can be prescribed for obese people, who have BMI above 30, as well as for people with BMI 27 and more (but only with the risk of comorbidities).

Due to the fact that Phentermine reduces the body fat percentage, the overall state gets better.

  • Besides, weight loss helps to normalize the blood pressure and reduces blood cholesterol.

Phentermine 15mg is the most recommended minimal daily dose for the start of anti-obesity drug therapy. Before increasing the dose of Phentermine 15mg up to 30mg, 37.5mg or 40mg, one should consult a physician.

Compliance with a balanced diet and regular physical activity after Phentermine withdrawal helps to keep normal body weight, preventing the relapse of the disease and reducing the risk of comorbidities.

If you want to buy Phentermine diet pills but this is the first time when you order the shipping of anti-obesity drugs online, please ask online pharmacist all questions you want. Please note that the sale and purchase of Phentermine no prescription is illegal. Therefore, if you decide to buy Phentermine online with no prescription, you can get involved in drug trafficking.