Price of Phentermine pills

Phentermine is one of the best-selling weight loss pills in the world. Many pharmaceutical companies produce anti-obesity drugs; hence, the price of Phentermine diet pills may greatly vary.

  • The cost of one Phentermine pill can greatly affect the total cost of anti-obesity therapy. Before you buy Phentermine, make sure you compare the prices of different pharmaceutical companies.

Phentermine slimming pills may contain two different forms of the active substance, such as:

Phentermine as HCL salts
Phentermine as resins compound

Usually, Phentermine HCL salts come in tablet form, while the resins compound in capsule form.

The advantage of capsules (resins) over tablets is that they are gradually dissolved in the stomach, providing a long-term anorexigenic effect.

Most often, the prices of Phentermine capsules and tablets by the same manufacturer do not vary too much. But if they contain different amount of the active substance, the price varies significantly.

To treat mild, moderate or severe obesity, several doses of Phentermine are used – 15mg, 30mg and 40mg. The price of Phentermine 15mg is the lowest one.

You can buy Phentermine HCL pills dosed 37.5mg (e.g. Adipex) in the USA. Adipex 37.5mg tablets have a breaking notch, which helps patients to divide them into 2 equal parts.

The price of Phentermine slimming pills may vary in two different pharmacies. Total cost of medications is affected by the pricing strategy and the number of intermediaries between the producer and the consumer.

The prices of Phentermine drug made by Australian and American manufacturers are not very different. You can buy the cheapest Phentermine without prescription in India.

Online pharmacies offer to buy Phentermine by the best prices. It is explained by the fact that online pharmacies work directly with the manufacturer and do not have such high costs as city pharmacies.