Duromine vs Bontril

Duromine and Bontril are weight loss pills, used for treatment of obesity for several decades. Duromine and Bontril belong to the group of anorexigenic drugs, so they should be taken along with diets and increased physical activity.

Duromine and Bontril work mainly in the central nervous system (CNS), thereby reducing the appetite, increasing the blood pressure and the heart rate.

Duromine and Bontril weight loss pills must not be used in patients with high blood pressure and diseases, associated with cerebral blood vessels. This increases the risk of acute cerebrovascular accident and irreversible necrosis of the heart muscle.

Duromine weight loss pills

Duromine is produced in form of capsules (15 mg, 30 mg or 40 mg). Each capsule contains active substance Phentermine as resin and several excipients. Depending on a patient’s state and obesity degree, doctor prescribes an appropriate dosage of the drug.

Patients must never change Duromine dose on their own. Large doses of Duromine may cause side effects or overdosage. If severe side effects appear, it is necessary to reduce the dose or stop using Duromine pills.

During the therapy with Duromine weight loss pills the most common side effects are dry mouth, violation of sleep quality and duration, uncontrolled anxiety, pain in the neck and headache.

Patient, using Duromine should stop taking other anti-obesity drugs, high doses of caffeine and alcohol, MAO inhibitors, as well as anti-congestive drugs (for instance, Fexofenadine, Acetaminophen, Cetirizine and Pseudoephedrine).

Bontril weight loss pills

Bontril contains active substance Phendimetrazine, produced in a tablet form. Bontril dosage is 35 mg. If you need, you can divide Bontril pill into halves, and then the dosage would be 17.5 mg.

Please do not change the dosage on your own, since it may cause overdose and side effects (tremor of extremities, difficult or frequent defecation, frequent urination and changes in libido).

If patient noticed any symptoms of Bontril overdose, he should seek medical help. Symptoms of Bontril overdose are: anxious disorder, aggressive behavior, auditory or visual hallucinations.

Duromine and Bontril weight loss pills are contraindicated to children, pregnant and breastfeeding women. In addition, elderly people over 65 years old should never take large doses of these weight loss pills.

Please do not use Duromine or Bontril if you have a drug or alcohol dependence, severe cardiovascular disorders and high blood pressure.

Excessive use of Bontril may cause physical or psychological dependence. Duromine weight loss pills may cause pulmonary hypertension if it is combined with some medications.

People, who work on different machines, manage mechanisms or control a vehicle must be careful using Duromine or Bontril. Please note that these drugs can affect the reaction and behavior.