Duromine vs Xenical

Duromine and Xenical are medications, intended for patients, who were diagnosed obesity. These weight loss pills can be bought by prescription at retail pharmacies.

Duromine and Xenical should be used by patients, who cannot get a stable weight loss on their own.

Duromine and Xenical reduce overweight and treat obesity effectively when they are combined with diets and physical exercises. These weight loss pills lessen fat intake and speed up burning of adipose tissue.

Advantages and disadvantages of Duromine weight loss pills

Duromine is a drug, which affects certain parts of the brain, responsible for saturation. When using Duromine, the brain receives signals that the body doesn’t need food, more often than without the pills. This reduces the appetite and makes people consume a fewer amount of food.

Because of Duromine weight loss pills, metabolism in the body of an overweight patient becomes faster. It is quite difficult to get rid of extra pounds when your metabolism is slow (except for the surgical method). Only if the metabolism is fast, the fat burn rate increases, causing a stable weight loss.

For convenient use, Duromine is produced in capsules (15 mg, 30 mg and 40 mg). Every capsule of Duromine contains active substance Phentermine in form of ion-exchange resin. This makes a capsule to act within the body for a long time.

However, the application of Duromine weight loss pills has a few drawbacks. There is a high risk of cardiovascular complications during the use of Duromine weight loss pills. It happens because in addition to appetite loss, Duromine can cause high blood pressure.

Apart from cardiovascular side effects, Duromine capsules may cause negative effects from the central nervous system, such as temporal loss of consciousness, sleep disorder, emotional instability, uncertainty, anxiety and worry.

Benefits and drawbacks of Xenical weight loss pills

Pharmacological effect of Xenical is aimed at fat absorption in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). When patient use Xenical, about 30% of fat that come with food is absorbed into the blood stream and excreted from the body naturally.

Xenical as well as Duromine is produced in capsules. Each capsule contains active substance Sibutramine and several inactive ingredients. The dosage of Xenical capsule is 120 mg.

It is recommended to take one capsule of Xenical 120 mg before every main meal. However, a patient should not use more than three capsules of Xenical per day, since this does not increase the weight loss, on contrary may cause side effects.

One of the benefits of Xenical is that these weight loss pills can be used for a long time, unlike Duromine. Besides, Xenical does not cause a significant effect on the CNS and cardiovascular system.

Xenical pharmacological effect occurs in the GIT; therefore, it may cause such side effects as:

  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Uncontrolled or frequent defecation
  • Oily discharge from the rectum
  • Flatulence and abdominal distention

Thus, Duromine and Xenical weight loss pills have their pluses and minuses. Great differences in the effect of these drugs allow doctors to find an optimal solution for obesity treatment in patients with different health condition.